Police Shortage After George Floyd’s Death, Crime in Minneapolis Rises Page all

MINNEAPOLIS, KOMPAS.comMinneapolis shortage of police after death George Floyd, and the number of crimes in the city is increasing.

To address this personnel shortage, the Minneapolis Police Department then issued a list of appeals for citizens to protect themselves.

Reporting from Daily Mail Monday (3/8/2020), examples of the appeal include:

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  • Bring only necessary items, and carry a little cash.
  • Don’t walk alone.
  • Just hand over your cellphone and wallet if you are robbed.
  • Don’t fight with criminals.
  • Remember, your safety is paramount.

Minneapolis lost at least 100 of its personnel in the past two months, and that is 10 percent more than the total police force there.

During that time, 40 police officers resigned, were fired, or were in the process of being fired.

Meanwhile, 75 other policemen are on medical leave due to the post-traumatic stress of the riots following George Floyd’s death.

Minneapolis residents have complained that police are taking longer to respond to distress calls due to a lack of personnel while crime is increasing.

Even Minneapolis Star-Tribune reporting, sometimes no response at all from the police.

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A resident of Minneapolis, Leslie Bowden, lives around the memorial George FLoyd said he called the police as a last resort mostly if he heard gunshots.

The woman said, “The police killed a man in our neighborhood and then they all left us alone to protect ourselves.”

“Sometimes you feel isolated like in a war zone, but nobody helps us,” he was quoted as saying Daily Mail.

Then an anonymous source told the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, although the Minneapolis Police Department is funded to have 888 officers, they could lose a third by the end of the year.

Minneapolis has been a focal point of the Black Lives Matter movement since the murder of George Floyd by local police on May 25.

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His death sparked large demonstrations and riots throughout the city, in fact almost all regions United States of America ( AS) as well as other countries.

Minneapolis murders, shootings, and robberies have all increased considerably from last year.

So far in 2020, 288 people have been shot. That number exceeds the total for 2019.

There were also 41 homicides in the city throughout 2020, while in 2019 there were a total of 48 murders in Minneapolis.

Although the number of reported crimes fell 31 percent in June and 4 percent at the end of July, shooting incidents linked to multiple groups surged during the same period.

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Recently, the South Side of Minneapolis was hit by a series of armed robberies and car robberies, which police say were carried out by the same group.

In July alone, there were 100 robberies and 20 car thefts in the Third Precinct, the region with the largest police station there.

The spike in crime cases came after the Minneapolis City Council unanimously approved a proposal last month to dissolve the city police force.

The amendments propose a new “public safety and violence prevention department” offering a “holistic public health-oriented approach”.

But that decision is not final, and the city council will decide it in November elections.

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