Policeman accused of using hidden cameras in the home, holding images of child abuse



10 May 2019 15:16:44

An Australian federal police officer from Canberra (AFP) and his twin brother are behind bars after police found a large amount of child pornography, hidden cameras and a device that transmits offensive material to their home.

Key points:

  • Police have accused two twin brothers of child exploitation crimes yesterday
  • The AFP officer Joshua Tiffen allegedly showed a woman pictures of children
  • Both brothers were denied bail, while Kenan Tiffen said he pleaded not guilty

Joshua Rod Tiffen and his brother Kenan Lee Tiffen, both 41, were arrested yesterday after being blown by two women who claimed to have shown the material to men at different times.

Police said they had seized more than 400 videos.

Many of the videos featured girls between 12 and 14, but some contained younger children.

Court documents said that one of the women who alerted the police had made several adult films with a man named Matt, who was actually Joshua Tiffen, according to police.

Police say the woman told them that "Matt" had shown his images of children on his computer, and said he would talk to the girls and allow them to do what he wanted.

The police also said that the woman claimed to have shown the image of a three or four year old girl revealing her genitals.

According to the documents, a different woman made accusations about Kenan Tiffen after attending several dates with him.

That woman said that Kenan Tiffen told her he had a secret but that he shouldn't judge him, before he showed her about 50 images of child abuse.

On Friday, the police told the court that when they searched the men's house they found storage devices and hard drives containing hundreds of videos of child exploitation.

The court heard that the police also found a camera that was transmitting offensive material, although they could not tell if it was receiving or sending videos.

The court documents also state that the police found hidden cameras in three bedrooms that the men had rented to tenants.

"Basic and cowardly behavior"

Joshua Tiffen, who is a police officer, was arrested in the Majura police complex before the search.

According to the police, he said he showed images of child exploitation to the woman with whom he had made videos for adults, but he did not believe they were real.

Presumably he said that he had shown her to indicate how sick some people might be.

Friday did not indicate any reason or request for release on bail at the ACT Magistrates Court.

His brother Kenan requested bail and stated that he would be found not guilty.

The court felt that Kenan Tiffen was a flying and flying worker.

The police objected to the bail, saying they could not be sure that it would restrain themselves from interfering with the evidence, especially the material that could be stored in the cloud.

The court heard that the police were still trying to get Kenan Tiffen's phone access.

Magistrate Beth Campbell rejected the accusations of her lawyers that the charges against him were tenuous.

"This is a basic and cowardly conduct," he said.

"His moral compass is so different from the ordinary members of the community.

"I'm not sure I can control his basic impulses."

Joshua Tiffen will return to court later this month and Kenan Tiffen will return to court in July.







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May 10, 2019 14:19:34

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