Policeman Dylan Harrison was killed on his first day on the job

Saturday night, American Dylan Harrison had his first day at work at the Alamo Police Station in Wheeler, Georgia.

It was also his last, when he was shot and killed at work. The perpetrator is still at large.

May be dangerous

During a press conference on Saturday, police spokeswoman Natalie Ammons said the authorities had issued a “blue alert” nationwide. This is a warning that the suspect may be a danger to society.

“Anyone who has information about where the suspect is or has information you think may be relevant to this investigation should contact us,” Ammons said in the press conference.

GBI has identified a 43-year-old man as the main suspect in the case. A payment of 17,500 dollars, close to 150,000 kroner, will be paid as a reward if someone can offer the police information that leads to the arrest of the suspect.

Leaves wife and children

The Mayor of Georgia, Brian P. Kemp, announces his condolences Twitter.

– Early this morning, one of our police officers lost his life at work. Our thoughts and prayers go out to family, friends and colleagues at the Alamo Police Station. May God continue to be with those who protect and serve, Kemp wrote on Saturday.

26-year-old Dylan Harrison leaves behind a wife and a six-month-old child.


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