Polio PIN in Lhokseumawe, 37,535 Children Have Been Immunized

As of today Tuesday (27/12/2022), the number of children who have been immunized is 37,535 or 95.5 percent of the total target.

Report by Saiful Bahri I Lhokseumawe

SERAMBINEWS.COM, LHOKSEUMAWE – Polio National Immunization Sub Week (PIN) in Lhokseumawe, has started since last Monday (12/12/2022).

The number of targets according to real data, as many as 37,895 children.

As of today Tuesday (27/12/2022), the number of children who have been immunized is 37,535 or 95.5 percent of the total target.

The head of the Lhokseumawez City Health Service, Safwaliza, said that according to the decision of the Minister of Health, the schedule for Sub PIN was extended.

Previously, it lasted until December 24, 2022, now it has been extended to January 13, 2023.

For now, according to him, health workers are still going down to Posyandu, to people’s homes.

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Besides that, this activity has also received full support from the Lhokseumawe Education and Culture Office, Muspika elements, and keuchiks.

“Thanks to the support of all parties and the high awareness of parents of the importance of immunization for their children, so until now our achievements have reached 95.5 percent of the total target,” he said.

However, it is certain that officers will continue to go to the field targeting children who have not been immunized.

To note, the declaration of Sub PIN in the context of Polio Extraordinary Events (KLB) Management in Lhokseumawe, was marked by the administration of the polio vaccine by the Acting Mayor of Lhokseumawe Dr Imran and his wife at SD Negeri 5 Banda Sakti Lhokseumawe, last Monday (12/12/2022) .

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At that time the PJ Mayor of Lhokseumawe, Dr. Imran, hoped that all parties involved would try their best so that the results achieved at the Sub PIN in Lhokseumawe could be maximized.

Teachers, medical personnel, and other related parties can continue to socialize the importance of polio immunization.

And most importantly, it is hoped that parents will support and be aware of the importance of polio immunization for their children.

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