Polish fans taught Eden. Czech footballers Lewandowski et al.

Photo: Jiří Zemen, PrahaIN.cz/Starting in the match Czech Republic versus Poland

Z EDEN: At the duel between our national team and Poland, it was already several tens of minutes before kick-off. It looked like the Poles were going to create a completely home environment. But then came the lightning start of the Czechs and the goals of Krejčí and Čvančara.

It also lived in Fortuna Fanpark.

Even before the match, where PrahaIN.cz arrived very early.

It opened already at 4 p.m. and some fans literally ran here, as one of the part-timers told us. The reason was the gifts for the first five hundred arrivals with a valid ticket. Merchandising from the Puma brand was prepared for them.

The editors arrived around six o’clock, less than three hours before the match. The turnout was very good, and it was raining quite heavily at the time.

Various skill games were available for the fans, including classic table football, as well as stands with refreshments and beer. The organizers deserve praise, the concept of the fan park was successful just like in last year’s League of Nations matches.

Pyro, beer, singing

During this, the entire program was varied on stage by three presenters: actor Jakub Prachař and a pair of former footballers Petr Švancara and Luděk Zelenka. Several guests were also coming, including the winner of the Europa League with Atlético Madrid Tomáš UJfaluš. The DJ was playing the whole time.

As the kick-off approached, the fan park was also filled to the brim.

At times it was literally head to head. However, it is impossible to get rid of the impression that the majority was mainly the alcohol-enhanced Polish fans.

They sang, danced and visibly enjoyed their trip to the mother of cities.

Pyrotechnics were also set off in front of the stadium.

More than two hours before kick-off. Source: PrahaIN.cz

However, a really small crowd of people formed around the light show. It is quite possible that these were fans who went on a march through Prague and are going to boycott the matches of the Polish national team (details HERE).

But there were very few of them on Charles Bridge. The police did not disappoint, they deployed dozens of people and heavy-duty personnel.

Who is who?

The mentioned fans, who organized a protest march against the Polish Football Association, referred to themselves on social networks as the ultras of Poland. And as we already wrote, their low number in the center of Prague surprised us. Their willingness to pose for photographers was also a surprise, which is taboo for ultras.

We didn’t get it.

We focused on the guest sector, which sold out suspiciously quickly, and according to the protesters, “friends from the union” got the peels here. And we were also amazed. Already almost an hour before the match, it was filled with sector flags, some of which had symbols on them that showed that it was definitely not families with children and buffoons.

When their team came for warm-up, they were able to welcome them quite loudly. At that moment, it was possible to find out that quite a few Poles were also outside the guest sector throughout the stadium.

Whether the spectators were there from Prague, Brno, Ostrava or Warsaw, Gdańsk or Gliwice, they could see several players in action wearing the national team jersey for the first time. Sparta striker Tomáš Čvančara and Slavist Matěj Jurásek on the home side, and Michal Karbownik from the second division Düsseldorf in Germany in Polish colors.

The star Robert Lewandowski was not missing.

On the Czech side without Patrik Schick, but Tomáš Souček and Adam Hložek started.

Poles everywhere and the euphoria of ours

The stand was decently and basically filled to capacity more than fifteen minutes before kick-off. Czech fans could be heard during the final calling of the names of the players, but it was definitely not something big.

Suddenly, however, chants of “Poland” started from the visitors’ sector, and fans throughout the stadium joined in. There were even more Poles at the stadium than we expected. And they were heard.

There were an enormous number of them.

Immediately during the national anthem, they set off pyrotechnics, firecrackers and strobe lights in the guest sector. The singing of the Polish national anthem resonated loudly through the stadium and together with the lighting, it looked and sounded really good.

Polish sector. Source: PrahaIN.cz

Almost nothing could be heard under the notes of František Škroup’s music.

The simple shout of “Czechs” in the beginning was incredibly loud, but it had no effect on the chants of the Poles. However, the home environment was helped by a quick goal, after which Eden exploded. Sparta’s captain Ladislav Krejčí prevailed.

Another in two minutes. Spartan Tomáš Čvančara.

Eden was in a real euphoria and it reflected in the atmosphere. At the start, it looked like the Polish fans would conquer Eden. There were frequent shouts from the stands directed at the Polish Football Association. Just from the stands outside the guest sector.

Our fans could only make simple shouts, but of course they could be heard.

The Poles sang that all over the stadium.

Anyway, the Czechs were teaching on the playground. Unreal dominance from the first minutes and the team led by Robert Lewandowski could do almost nothing in the first act.

Performance one poem.

After halftime, the Czech Republic leads Poland 2:0.

Poles everywhere. One of the most active groups is located right next to the playground. Source: PrahaIN.cz

Czech Republic versus Poland 3:1.

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