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For “Stand up. BG! We are coming!” it does not matter whether the parliamentary elections will be on November 14 or 21, more important is the readiness of political parties to behave more responsibly, Arman Babikyan told BNT.

“The date will hardly help if one enters the National Assembly with the same zeal, without a desire for consensus on key issues,” he said.

Babikyan added that he was not aware of the meetings of Tatiana Doncheva with Radostin Vassilev and Maya Manolova with Slavi Trifonov:

“I can’t help but be distant, I haven’t been to these meetings. Besides, we are a bit in the position of Ivancho and Mariyka, who quarreled in the break, and the teacher is trying to find out who is lying. As a group, our goal has always been meetings. , to be negotiated, to be official – to have journalists and to be broadcast live, as well as to give a statement afterwards, “Babikyan said.

He also said that he did not worry about being exposed to compromising meetings.

If the work of the prosecutor’s office leads to the fact that there is such an act of extortion, we can not approve it and not sanction it politically. If it turns out that there is no such thing – I expect colleagues from “There is such a people” to act relevantly . “

Asked whether Tatiana Doncheva will remain on the list of “Stand up. BG! We are coming!”, He added that the coalition includes two non-governmental organizations that have their own mandate. “Doncheva is the mandate holder of Maya Manolova and we cannot impute to her who will be such. We have no problems with our mandate holder … We will still discuss the way of appearing in the next elections,” Babikyan told BNR.

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