Politicians from the CDU, SPD and FDP do not give AfD lawsuits against the protection of the constitution any chance


Berlin Domestic politicians from the CDU, SPD and FDP do not give AfD complaints against the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV) a chance. “The AfD will not be successful before the Cologne Administrative Court simply because it lacks the need for legal protection,” said Patrick Sensburg, member of the Bundestag member of the Bundestag, Handelsblatt.

The collection movement of the AfD “The Wing” around the Thuringian AfD state chairman Björn Höcke and the youth organization of the party Junge Alternative (JA) were rightly classified by the BfV as so-called suspected cases. It is precisely the task of the Office for the Protection of the Constitution to check such classifications – “and the” wing “and the young alternative give sufficient reason here.”

The SPD politician Ralf Stegner said similarly. “I am confident that in the end the judiciary will share the view that the constitutional protection in a defensive democracy has to protect our constitution from such enemies of democracy,” said Schleswig-Holstein’s SPD parliamentary group leader Handelsblatt. He made reference to statements by ex-AfD leader Alexander Gauland. “The AfD is a radical right-wing party and must be monitored by the Office for the Protection of the Constitution simply because Mr. Gauland said Björn Höcke and his” wing “are the” center “of the party.”

According to AfD boss Jörg Meuthen, two lawsuits against the suspect case classifications should be submitted to the Cologne Administrative Court on Monday. Meuthen argues that the “wing” is not an organization at all, but at best a “vague collective name for individual, changing, nowhere defined AfD members of unknown number and identity”.

In addition, the Junge Alternative initiated numerous measures before the public was classified as a suspected case in order to counteract appropriate treatment by the Office for the Protection of the Constitution. For example, the Lower Saxony State Association had been dissolved.

“The transitions between AfD and right-wing terrorism are fluid”

The FDP domestic politician Konstantin Kuhle also supported the actions of the constitutional protectors. “The transitions between the AfD and right-wing terrorism are fluid,” said Kuhle the Handelsblatt, referring to a video from the MDR magazine “Exactly”, which is to show pictures of the suspects in the Walter Lübcke murder case at a demonstration by the AfD in Chemnitz in September 2018. “For reasons of internal security, it therefore makes sense to have those parts of the party that are particularly extreme on the radar of the protection of the constitution.” A victory of the party before the Cologne Administrative Court is therefore “unlikely”, said Kuhle.

With regard to the two suspected cases, the domestic intelligence service speaks explicitly of “significant sub-organizations of the AfD”. The classification means that the constitutional protection authorities of the federal and state governments under the leadership of the BfV can monitor them systematically. This enables personal analysis and storage of personal data in files and files. Under certain conditions, intelligence resources may also be used.

Meuthen does not consider the procedure to be justified. The public announcement of the classification of the “wing” as a suspected case not only has a negative impact on the reputation of the AfD, but also reduces its attractiveness among voters. “This measure of the protection of the constitution intervenes directly in the democratic decision-making process, although there are no actual indications for the suspicion that the” wing “is an extremist endeavor in the sense of the federal constitution protection law”, believes the AfD chief.

There are also “no actual indications for the classification of the YES as a suspected case,” said Meuthen. Exactly this, however, is a “mandatory” requirement according to current case law. “It takes more than guesswork for such clues.”

Analyzes burden AfD

The Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution had justified its suspected case decisions by the fact that there were “condensed indications” that the “wing” and the young alternative were extremist efforts. “The policy concept propagated by the” wing “is primarily aimed at the marginalization, contempt, and extensive deprivation of rights of foreigners, migrants, especially Muslims, and politically dissenting people,” says a statement by the authority in March 2019.

It violates all elements of the free democratic basic order, the guarantee of human dignity as well as the principle of democracy and the rule of law. “The relativization of historical National Socialism is also formative for the statements of the” wing “representatives.”

With regard to the youth organization of the AfD, the Office for the Protection of the Constitution has determined that it is “apparently against the guarantee of human dignity”. “A thorough political science and legal analysis of the statements of the JA shows that it aims at the priority of an ethnically homogeneous concept of the people,” says a statement by the authority. For those who do not belong to this ethnically closed community, make the YES “obviously contemptible”. “It does not respect people as the highest value of the constitution.”

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