“Politicians try to play with antivaksxis”; the epidemiologist is puzzled by government decisions

The decision of the Latvian government, which will allow people who have been vaccinated but have not received a maintenance vaccine against Covid-19 to work in person, causes confusion, said Liliāna Civjāne, an associate professor at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Latvia, in an interview with the magazine Ir.

“I’m very worried that we don’t understand the difference between ‘vaccinated’ and ‘protected.’ A person who has been vaccinated but has not received a maintenance vaccine is not protected!” stated by an expert.

In her view, politicians are “trying to play with anti-scavengers so that there are no protests just to not spit on it.” “At the moment, it is said that the restrictions will be extended. What restrictions? We do not have such real restrictions at all,” Civjāne continued, admitting that more approaching decisions are also dictated by the approaching Saeima elections.

Asked to explain whether the omicron variant of Covid-19 is milder than the delta, the epidemiologist stressed that the word “softer” should be avoided, although it is true that the omicron affects the lungs less and causes less pneumonia.

“Mortality from pneumonia is likely to be lower,” the expert said, “but the virus multiplies rapidly, so if we take x percent of a large number of people, it’s still as much as a smaller percentage of a smaller number of people. So there’s a good chance that there will still be a lot of seriously ill people in hospitals. “

As noted by Civjāne, the so-called long Covid-19 is also possible from the omicron variant, which affects all body systems. “Like the delta variant, it causes multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children and causes a variety of health problems in diseased adults. that there are more and more of them: neurological, psychological, psychological, that this is a multisystem disease that affects the whole body, and that there is an increased risk of stroke and heart attack a year after cow’s disease. “This means that it may seem to a person who has just become ill – the disease has not had any consequences.

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