POLYCAT releases a new song “Concert” and organizes a 360-degree digital art event!

After the end of the love pillow war Pillow war The third album went beautifully at the beginning of the year.past For the godfather of synth-pop POLYCAT from the camp Smallroom They’ve been working on a new album for quite a while. Until the fans asked about new works continuously, recently POLYCAT did not.releaseto a girlfriendsonghave to wait longer releasenew songThe latest is called “Concert”. songThe first from their 4th album has been released for fans to see. until the number of views has exceeded a hundred thousand since the first day of release (Counting the views on November 17)

And another special thing called a surprise for the end of the year. When the record label Smallroom teamed up with index creative village organize an event POLYCAT ‘Concert’ Exhibition @ house of illumination The first time with a 360 degree digital art exhibition with 8 rooms that will allow everyone to ‘experience’ the aura and memories from the first day until today that makes everyone ‘love’ POLYCAT through a full technique of light, color, sound, with a special 7-day round with the Polycat concert that will show the song ‘Concert’ at this event for the first time! which this event was held on 26 November – 31 December 2021 at House of illumination 8th floor, Central World

by POLYCAT ‘Concert’ Exhibition Tickets are available for sale from today onwards. The price of the Exhibition ticket is 350 baht / 250 baht for children. You can visit from 26 Nov – 31 Dec 2021 and for the Exhibition with Concert Ticket, the price is 1,500 baht with items. Commemorative (Only November 26 – December 2, 2021, around 19:00, 1 round per day only) Everyone can check the admission schedule and purchase tickets on the website. House of illumination

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For conditions of admission to the concert Visitors must have completed 2 vaccinations for at least 14 days or have a negative ATK test with a certificate from the hospital. or private agencies within 72 hours in the event that evidence cannot be presented The company reserves the right to allow access to the concert. and reserves the right to refund


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