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The year started with bad news for Ford of Europe. The activity is under control. Dearborn Headquarters, near Detroit, wants to radically rebuild. The works will be eliminated, unprofitable series canceled, possibly closed factories. Costs must go down to get out of the crisis. Otherwise, the themes of the future such as networking and autonomous driving are unstoppable.

New Ford Europe strategy
Electrification, model and removal of work

There are other bad news from Dearborn, but so they have nothing to do with autonomous driving or any future frippery, but dedicated to classic driving.

The new Shelby GT500, the Mustang par excellence, does not come to Europe. They have to swallow fans and interested parties first, but could not be expected otherwise. The strongest car in the company’s history moves mainly where it was built: in America, in the Flat Rock Assembly plant in Michigan.

Approximately 3.5 seconds from 0 to 100 km / h

So far, the Shelby GT350 is the most powerful Mustang of the sixth generation with 533 hp and 582 Newton meters. From autumn 2019, the pony car on the street, the resistance strip and the racetrack will be overtaken by the stronger brother.

The GT350 gets its performance from a 5.2-liter V8 free-breathing engine with a flat crankshaft. The crank pin offset here is 180 degrees, which makes the engine restless, but promises advantages in terms of response and speed. Design, capacity and number of cylinders remain the same in the GT500. However, the hand-built eight-cylinder explodes a 2.65-liter Roots compressor. The rumors about a turbocharger change are therefore off the table.

The compressor increases the power to over 700 hp. Exact data keep Ford still in the hindquarters. Or because they have not yet been finalized, or playing the salami tactics. Every now and then it cuts a little and feeds itself to the mass, to keep the car in conversation. Just like you did with your GT high-flyer. So much is already clear with the approximate indication: the Shelby GT500 also dominates the supercar with its 656 hp significantly. And it has twice the power under the hood of the first Shelby GT500 of 1967.

5.2-liter V8 compressor with over 700 hp: Ford promises the Sprintwerte GT500 in the central 3-point range.

The supercharged V8 with a Ford aluminum block does not depend on a six-speed manual transmission or a 10-speed automatic transmission, but on a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission, as it is also installed in the GT. The double clutch is designed to shift gears in less than 100 milliseconds, improving Sprint capabilities of the Shelby GT500. Ford talks about values ​​0-100 in the average interval of 3 seconds. It is said that the quarter mile (402.34 meters) dominates the muscle car with Launch Control in less than 11 seconds. At maximum speed the Ford is not yet expressed. No more than weight.

Two packages for GT500

The over-Mustang stops the largest braking system of a sports coupe on the American market. Ford says: six piston calipers bite a two-piece disc with a diameter of 420 millimeters on the front axle. The braking system is located behind 20-inch wheels. The rims are made in the Shelby GT500 with a carbon fiber track package.

It is the most radical of the two management packages offered. One that is particularly good for the racecourse, because it is even more aerodynamic. Ford here pulls out the front splitter on the most radical outer sides, positions a GT4 rear wing on the trunk lid and inserts the Michelin Pilot Sport Cup semi-axle on the steering wheel. The French have adapted the mix and step on the heavily motorized muscle car. In addition, the rear rollers are wider than half a inch (20×11.5 instead of 20×11). In the interior, the rear seats fly away. The more civilized version carries a lip of the spoiler, Gurney Flap, on the trunk lid. It is launched on specially constructed Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires. Both versions of the model benefit from the speaker upgrades.

With the “Carbon Track Track Package” the Shelby GT500 carries a large rear wing.

Even without attachments, the GT500 is externally different from the GT350 and other Mustang versions. The front wheel arches are wider. The grid grows taller and wider. As befits Shelby, a standing Cobra decorates the grid. The openings at the front are twice as big as the GT350, says Ford. Six heat exchangers in the engine compartment to improve heat management, as well as the 31×28 inch air hole on the muscular top. The aluminum insert can be removed, which brings two advantages. On the one hand you can see the engine parts better. On the other hand, the heat escapes even better.

Five different driving modes

Ford’s performance department redesigned the chassis, reshaped the electronic power steering, installed lighter torsion springs and adjusted the suspension geometry, allowing the GT500 to spin well in the corners and drive fast. The Shelby should set new standards for muscle cars in lateral acceleration. The electronically adjustable suspension Magne-Ride is currently in the final stage of on-board development.

Sporty and muscular: this is what the GT500 looks like.

The Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 has five different driving modes: normal, weather, sport, track and endurance. Particularly suitable for the Dragsterrennstrecke is the “line-lock” function, which allows the brakes to be controlled independently of each axle. Meaning: if only the front brakes bite, the rear wheels may turn. There is a lot of white smoke guaranteed. The driver enjoys exhaustion on the Recaro sports seats. Parts of the dashboard decorate Ford with carbon.

Finally some good news for Europeans. If Ford has not already exported the GT500 here, the importer has to work. A year and a half ago, Geiger Cars of Monaco ordered ten copies of the GT500. The US auto specialist can not yet quote a price. But it should be around 100,000 euros.


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