Pooj does 14% less damage with Rot, reports Bug in Dota – Dota 2

Reddit user Chopchop__ discovered a bug with Rot ability in Puja.

The redditor noticed that the ability deals damage in an interval not of 0.2 seconds, but 0.233, which leads to the fact that the enemy loses 14.2% less health than it should.

Other users have noted that the damage-dealing interval changes back by 0.2 seconds when purchasing Aghanim’s Scepter.

Chopchop added that the damage interval changes to 0:13, 2:10, 4:14 and 31:00 of game time. Later, he summed up that the bug turns on and off 3 times per game. The game may start with the bug enabled, in which case it will disappear after the fourth minute of the game. Otherwise, the bug will remain in the game until the end.

Previously Valve corrected bug with missing flies on the Pooja person.

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