Poor participation in consultations on independence in Euskadi


The popular consultations on the independence of the Basque Country, organized by the Gure Esku Dago entity, which took place today in San Sebastián and in other places like Irun, were resolved with a low participation. In the case of the capital of Guipúzcoa, 21,015 people participated in the elections, representing only 13.10% of the people with voting rights of more than 220,000 summoned, bearing in mind that even young people between 16 and 18 can vote. In Irun, the figure fell to 9.15% with 4,890 voters. In Zalla and Balmaseda, participation rose to 16% while in Alonsotegi the percentage rose to 18%. The organizers rated the day very positively because it was used, according to them, to place the right to self-determination at the center of the debate.

San Sebastián was the first capital that added to the wave of consultations that have already been held in Catalonia and that have already been exported to more than 200 municipalities in the Basque Country. Members of Catalan independence parties and entities such as CER Members, Gabriel Rufián and Joan Tardà; Aurora Madaula and Eduard Pujol, of JxCat, or Marcel Mauri, vice president of Omnium, and Aina Delgado, member of the technical secretariat of the CUP, exercised observers to ensure the smooth running of the day.

Mauri assured during the day that the mobilization and the popular organization "scares the Spanish state". The test, according to Mauri, is that in the writings of judicial proceedings against sovereign leaders tried by 1-O, where more emphasis is placed on "persecution and criminalization of popular mobilization" that entities like Omnibus have been doing in Catalonia for so many years . For this reason, the vice president of Omnium noted that the task of the city platform that organized the vote is "essential".


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