Pop folk on a knife, Desi Slava got stuck after a cruel shoot of SN …

Folk star Desislava hasn’t looked like herself lately. The singer never managed to regain her weight after the second birth, and fans no longer recognize her at the performances.

Desi gained a lot of weight, shaped a huge ass and even made a double chin. There is no memory of the exquisite cheekbones of the singer with an angelic voice, and it seems that this is a big complex for her. Desislava put in her small pocket Tita and Andrea, who are queens of Photoshop. She processes her photos to such an extent that they can’t recognize her live.

These days Desi has uploaded a photo with which she presents a new song, which will be in a duet with her colleague and friend Lorena. The photographer has been playing for a long time to make Desi thin and young. Nothing to do with reality.

Fans wonder why Desi processes her photos to such an extent that she becomes a completely different person. “Live has nothing to do with Instagram photos. She has become a triple! Either take urgent measures to remove the bacon, or take one and stop misleading people because it becomes pathetic,” her fans were quoted as saying by the show. .blitz.bg.


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