Popular iPhone apps spy your every move


With iOS, some downloaded applications capture user manipulations. The images are transmitted without their knowledge and without hiding personal information.

Expedia, Hollister, air Canada, or Hotel.com …. These applications for iOS, much used, records without their knowledge the manipulations made by users during their navigation. To better understand the behavior of Internet users, publishers of these applications use third-party tools. Through them, the data are collected in the form of screenshots assembled in video. Administrators of the application can then view user manipulations to improve the interface and correct any malfunctions.

This is the case, in particular, with tools like Appsee, UXCam and Glassbox. In addition to not asking the user's opinion, these tools are sometimes even more prying. So, Glassbox has just been blocked by the American high-tech website TechCrunch. On the screenshots, the tool does not necessarily hide the personal data entered by the user. In any case, this is what they analyze site experiments The app for analysts with the application of Air Canada. The transmitted catches did not hide the passport data, nor the numbers and the security code of the bank cards drawn up for the purchase of an air ticket.

Without the consent of the user

The great worry Of these rumors is that a few weeks ago, Air Canada admitted that his system was suffering from a major problem vulnerability who had exhibited more than 20,000 profiles of his clients. In any case, to ensure that consent was never requested, TechCrunch toured the relevant publishers. It seems that none of them clearly explains that the screenshots are made and transmitted. A practice contrary to the licensing agreements imposed by Apple to publish an application on the app blind.

To put an end to this "wild" practice, Apple has just reacted by asking for immediate withdrawal of these screenshot tools.

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