Population Drop, Women in China Think Marriage-Having Children Doesn’t Make Sense


China is in the midst of a population crisis, shrinking for the first time in 60 years. The Chinese Bureau of Statistics reports a decrease in China’s population by 850,000 by 2022.

It is suspected that the population decline that occurred in China occurred due to the one-child policy implemented by the government in 1980. The policy that was initially carried out to control the population actually became the cause of the population crisis in China.

In 2015, the one child rule was finally dismissed by the Chinese government. Even so, the population figures in China are still declining.

In addition to the Chinese government’s policies that have caused population decline, the reluctance of women in China to have children is also one of the causes.

Wenyi Hai (24), a resident of Ji’an, China, said that his family often asks about marriage and children when they are talking.

“Usually, I excuse myself and hang up the phone when my parents start talking about my husband and baby. But when I’m at their house, it’s not easy to get off topic,” said Hai quoted from Aljazeera, Tuesday (16/5/2023 ).

Not only Pei and Hai, an athlete named Mona Zhao (25) even admits that she is fed up with discussing family matters.

“We’ve talked about it a million times and I’m sick of the discussions. They can’t accept that it doesn’t make sense for me to start a family,” he explained.

Burden of Chinese Women in Motherhood

Hai explained that the burden of being a mother in China is very heavy.

“I don’t want my life to be just about taking care of children, doing housework and taking care of my husband’s parents when they are old, but I feel a lot of families expect that from a married woman in China,” said Hai.

“In addition, usually only depending on the husband’s salary is not enough for a family. Therefore we have to do other work besides housework,” he continued.

Studies show that women in China carry most of the household chores. It spends twice as much time on housework as husbands.

Hai also added that he also wanted to have a career he could be proud of.

“I will be promoted soon. Having a family now can certainly be risky for my job,” he concluded.

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