Populism does not build a country, and whoever wants to divide will not win that… Lebanon

Arab News Press B.. The National Media Agency Shahid Hamdan from Burj Al Shemali: Populism does not build a country, and whoever wants to divide will not win. Now, watch the details.

Watina – Dr. Khalil Hamdan, a member of the Presidency of the Amal movement, affirmed that “there is no solution to the crisis in Lebanon, except by launching the language of dialogue,” and said: “The first three presidencies were distributed among the sects, based on understanding, which is what we need today.” . Hamdan said during a memorial ceremony in the town of Burj al-Shamali, with the participation of MPs Ali Khreis and Hussein Jishi, members of the political bureau and members of the movement’s executive body, that “there are those who use sectarianism and external support in order to spread the language of division and raise the pace of sectarianism and sectarianism in the homeland,” pointing to That “the language of dialogue is not unusual for the Amal movement, but rather it is the vision of Imam al-Sadr and the conviction of President Nabih Berri, as the country can only be governed through dialogue.” He said: “In Lebanon, we need such men who formed the real environment that embraced stability in the country, defended its unity, prevented its Zionism, and in order for it to remain healthy always through its one common coexistence between Muslims and Christians, and for brotherhood between the Lebanese and the Palestinians to be based on the deprived of their land and the deprived in their land, they are always and forever.” Get along.” He added, “Today, events are crowding out and growing gradually, while we see some deputies who have become demonstrators attacking the Lebanese army and security forces, at a time when they have a duty to fortify these sites for the sake of the country’s stability, because populism does not build a country.” He pointed out that “the country needs loyal leaders, not tampering with its future,” and said: “All the reform provisions of the Taif Agreement have not been implemented. We have overcome the crisis of the regime, but there are those who tell us that there is a homeland crisis.” And he considered that “there are those who implement a foreign policy,” pointing out that “corruption exists,” and he said: “The problem is greater than corruption, and what is happening today is a big conspiracy against this country.” He added, “We are going through difficult circumstances in Lebanon and the region, especially what is happening to the Palestinian people today. The Zionists are not wise men, but criminals, and it is something that draws all those who aspire to the movement of dialogue, meeting with the Zionist enemy, and normalization with it, and they put Israel in the garment of pregnancy, and they want to undermine The resistance and they also want the stability of Lebanon by disarming the resistance. He pointed out that “the issue of partition is not like drawing on the sand so that they can achieve their goals through it.” He concluded: “Whoever wants to divide this country will not win. What Israel was unable to do previously, they will not achieve today. You will not build this country on our ashes, and we will cut off every hand that will extend to the unity of Lebanon. This country that we protected with the blood of our martyrs, we can protect and keep it always.” . n.h

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Watching Hamdan from the North Tower, populism does not build a country, and whoever wants division will not win

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