Pork launchers from: Taylor Swift likes to work in the background


US singer Taylor Swift (29) obviously does not want to be in the limelight apart from her concerts.

“I enjoy being in the background,” she said on Ellen DeGeneres' television program scheduled to air on Wednesday. The presenter had wanted to know from Swift why she had withdrawn from TV shows for so long.

With her sixth album “Reputation” from 2017, she basically only made music and did not want to explain it, said the multiple Grammy award-winner. “I enjoy talking about what I've done, and I really like that part of it all, but in terms of my career, I also feel like I want to do what feels right at a certain time.” And that was her album.

Swift is currently # 3 in the single-top 10 of the US charts with her single «ME!», Which she has released together with Brendon Urie.


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