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Friday December 7th,

Books by Youssef Afifi:

A video published by Danish photographer Andreas Havid on Thursday, accompanied by his girlfriend as they climbed a pyramid, appeared naked at the top of the pyramid in the last hours, while Dr. Khaled al-Anani, the Minister of Antiquities, was referred to the public ministry for investigations.

This was not the last attempt to break the law by climbing the pyramids or filming pornographic scenes, as past years have seen several attempts have not been discovered until after the owners' departure and have posted videos and photos of them.

Masrawy is the most important of these controversial facts.


2012 saw a more controversial episode on social networking sites: a picture of the IMF director Christine Lagarde emerged as she ascended the Great Pyramid during her visit this year. "For the loan, the Pyramids climb", denied the ministry of antiquities.

He confirmed that Lagarde has climbed the area authorized to enter the pyramid, which climbs visitors every day to the entrance of the pyramid.


The Russian photographer Vadim Makurov, who took a series of photographs from the highest point of the Great Pyramid "for the Egyptians and the whole world", apologized in 2013 for having overstepped the official procedures and the unauthorized increase of the pyramid, a framework that has aroused great interest among users of social networking sites.

March 2015

In March 2015, the Daily Mail published photos of a Russian pornographic actress in the pyramids during the filming of a pornographic film in the region.

The pornographic actress revealed parts of her body that carried a statue of a Pharaonic cat from a gift shop. He said he shot the film in 2012, causing great controversy in Egypt and a great feeling, followed by an investigation into the case.

– April 2015

In April 2015 nude photos of the pornographic actress Carmen de Luz were published at the foot of the pyramids, with allegations that she had filmed a pornographic film in the region called Cleopatra in the Pyramids, which later acted he denied.

"I did not make a pornographic movie in the Pyramids," wrote Luz via her Twitter account. "These images were fun and entertaining with friends during my visit," he said.


In 2016, a young German named Andrzej Cecilski climbed the Pyramid of Khufu and documented his adventure by recording a video broadcast on social media sites later, after he was able to return to his country.

– April 2017

In April 2017, a Belgian tourist named Marisa Babin, during her visit to the pyramids, photographed nude images in the area of ​​the Pyramids, as was the case in the world-famous regions.

Babine told the Dutch magazine News that she agreed with her Australian friend, Jesse, to meet in Cairo to travel to Ethiopia. Her boyfriend was so obsessed with Egyptian civilization that her body was covered with hieroglyphs, which they had persuaded to shoot with Al Ahram before leaving. For Ethiopia, and told her that she wanted to "make a story in pictures, showing what was once Egypt".



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