Pornstar describes the best piece of Trump


Stormy Daniels can say a lot about Donald Trump.(Photo: REUTERS)

Tuesday 18 September 2018

In a few days, Stephanie Clifford aka Stormy Daniels publishes her announced dissemination book. This is, of course, the alleged relationship with Donald Trump. For example, let Daniels describe what Trump's life point looks like.

The pornstar Stormy Daniels obviously reveals many details in her book "Full Disclosure". Daniels, who claims to have had a relationship with Donald Trump in 2006, also describes how "the best piece" of the current US president should look like "the little mushroom of Mario Kart". This reports the "Guardian" in advance from the book.

In her work, the thirty-nine describes the alleged sexual adventure as the "most exquisite" I've ever had: she was lying there, annoyed that she was sleeping with a boy with "yeti pubic hair": "It was perhaps the least awesome sex I've never had, but obviously he did not share this opinion. "Trump's penis is" smaller than average ", but" not unusually small ", says Daniels, who is actually Stephanie Clifford.

Trump has denied the alleged relationship with Daniels, even though he personally admitted to reimburse his personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, for the money Daniels received for a confidentiality agreement. Just before the 2016 elections, he had signed such a document and apparently had received $ 130,000. The porn actress also stated in an interview that she would be threatened in 2011, warning that she would not spread Trump's story.

According to the Guardian, the book said that Daniels had accepted the numerous phone calls of Trump after the 2006 meeting in the hope that he would keep his promise and led to his reality television show The Apprentice. Trump is said to have even suggested that he could organize it so he could stay more episodes on the show: "He wanted to trick me, and he was 100 percent his idea." On October 2, the autobiography of Stormy Daniel "In all openings: a woman against trump" will be published by the Knaur publishing house, simultaneously in the United States and the United Kingdom under the title "Full Disclosure".




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