Porsche and Gran Turismo unveil their vision of the electric racing car of the future

Porsche and Polyphony Digital present the Porsche Vision Gran Turismo before the highly anticipated 7th edition of the racing simulation series. If this is what the electric future of super sports cars should look like, then we’ll jump into the cockpit!

Even before the premiere of Gran Turismo 7 on March 4, 2022, Porsche and Polyphony Digital delighted the fan base with a teaser that is fun: the virtual and fully electric Porsche Vision Gran Turismo can only be experienced exclusively in this game. Freed from the corset of series production, Porsche seized this opportunity to give the designers free creative rein in order to realize their vision of an absolutely uncompromising electric supercar of the future.

In contrast to the current high-performance electric vehicles that are on the market today, Porsche has not simply put a body on the battery pack, but has used the newly gained freedom of the e-car architecture to develop a car with a ‚Äúparticularly sporty Height to width quotient “- in other words: super deep, super wide. You don’t have to have studied automotive design yourself to immediately notice the incredibly low bonnet and the pronounced fenders. It gives this virtual e-vision the air of a Le Mans prototype. The front uses visual features of the Taycan, while the rear is reminiscent of the Porsche Mission R concept car, which we were able to marvel at in September. But without the gooseneck-like wing.

In the cockpit, which can be accessed via the hinged front section, you will find a curved hologram display and a snug and very low seating position. Although the Gran Turismo vision is primarily a virtual super sports car, Porsche emphasizes that the materials used in the interior have been carefully examined. Ultimately, the choice fell on a mix of titanium and carbon – not really that amazing for a track-focused supercar. Porsche also draws attention to the fact that only vegan materials were used in this virtual concept car. Surely virtual bark from other simulation games will thank you for it. Joking aside, don’t you think this vision is simply stunning? Should that be a glimpse into upcoming projects made in Zuffenhausen and Weissach, then we are already looking forward to the future!

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