Portaltic.-Adobe brings Frame.io to Creative Cloud subscribers

MADRID, 13 Abr. (Portaltic/EP) –

Adobe has announced the extension of the Frame.io video collaboration platform to Creative Cloud customers, a novelty that accompanies updates to After Effects and Premiere Pro, including native M1 support for After Effects.

Creative Cloud is a cloud platform that offers video editing and graphic design tools as a service, on a subscription basis. The addition of Frame.io expands its capabilities with options to virtually collaborate, review, and connect creators.

Adobe has emphasized that “it is the Industry’s first integrated review and approval workflow for post-production“, What collected in a statement. And it includes among its features the ability to share your work with an unlimited number of reviewers, get feedback directly within Premiere Pro and After Effects, and transfer media files with 100GB of dedicated Frame.io storage.

The integration also allows work on up to five different projects simultaneously with another remote user, as well as use ‘Camera to Cloud’, a function that allows to pass the material from the cameras to the editors and designers.


The latest version of the Adobe Creative Cloud video apps also includes new features and enhancements to After Effects and Premiere Pro. For After Effects, users of Mac computers with the M1 processor will experience a native support up to seven times faster and 2x faster rendering of compositions compared to an Intel 10-core iMac Pro.

Adobe Sensei’s AI-powered ‘Scene Editing Detection’ feature detects scene changes in an edited clip and places them as individual layers or creates markers at various editing points. Also expands the work options with the 3D and 2D layers.

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In Premiere Pro they are already available redesigned workflowsso far in beta, which focuses import on media files and not project settings, simplifies header bar navigation for core import, edit, and export tasks, and uses Adobe Sensei in the ‘auto color’ feature ‘ to generate the first color corrections.

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