Portugal Celebrates Goal, Cristiano Ronaldo Carves Another Record


The expression of the Portugal national team superstar, Cristiano Ronaldo, after breaking into the Hungarian national team goal in the EURO 2020 Group F match at the Puskas Arena Stadium, Tuesday (15/6/2021).

BOLASPORT.COM – Cristiano Ronaldo again set a record when Portugal national team party goal on goal Qatar national team.

Portugal National Team faced with Qatar national team in a friendly match.

Duel at the Estadio Do Algarve, Saturday (9/10/2021) local time, Portugal national team party 3 goals to goal Qatar national team.

Cristiano Ronaldo appeared since the early minutes and successfully contributed a goal for Portugal.

The superstar from Manchester United scored Portugal’s opening goal in the first half, precisely in the 37th minute.

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Starting from Diogo Dalot’s header bait towards the middle of the penalty box, Qatar’s player, Tarek Salman, failed to block the ball perfectly.

The round skin then slid right in front of Cristiano Ronaldo, who without difficulty releasing a flick of his left foot to vibrate the Qatar goal net.

After Ronaldo’s goal, Portugal added two more goals via Jose Fonte (48th minute) and Andre Silva (90′).

A 3-0 score for Portugal’s victory was the final result in that match.


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