Portuguese company uses olive waste in clothing

If we ask you what you can do with the waste of olive oil production, olive pomace, you probably won’t think of anything like clothes. But this Portuguese company, yes.

Fábrica do Azeite opened its doors in the city of Porto, and inside it presents a business idea that promotes the circular economy and sustainability: a 100% organic and sustainable clothing line. Through bagasse, they began to color clothes, using natural techniques and organic raw materials, free from synthetic and chemical compounds.

This by-product results from the olives from the olive trees of Quinta do Prado (in Vila Flor), birthplace of Acushla olive oil. And the first step in its use is being taken, for now, within the textile business group (Tetribérica), which owns the olive-growing brand, in the direction of the Barrio Santo collections, an insignia of comfortable sportswear, made with raw materials sustainable.

“What is waste, for some, is for others, like us, a raw material. That gives expression to another way of being. And to do it, thinking about the sustainability of the planet”, explains the owner and entrepreneur Joaquim Moreira.

The new space dedicated to olive oil from Trás-os-Montes and Alto-Douro displays and sells regional products, such as wines and vinegars, honey and jams, nuts and biscuits, as well as accessories closely linked to the olive cycle, such as a variety of black clay from Bisalhães, bowls and serving boards made of olive wood. In addition, the store’s mill allows customers to taste all the freshness of the olive oil on site, seconds after it is extracted in a mill – at harvest time. Even outside the olive picking period, the experience can be done in a tasting mode with bottled olive oil.

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