“Possessed” by a video game: they tied up their 15-year-old son, supposedly demonized after playing Free Fire | Chronicle

The effects of video games on the youngest have been debated by experts and the media since their creation, but a series of incidents linked to a specific video game begins to escalate in controversy. In the last hours, a viral video showed how a family of Honduras tied up a 15-year-old boy after claiming that was possessed by demons after playing Free Fire.

In accordance with Daily Time of Honduras, the residents of the small town of Salamá, Olancho assured that the young man was in a state of demonic possession and they decided to immobilize him so that “don’t hurt anyone.

In the videos that go through social networks, you can see how a number of adults were located around the tied child, praying in an attempt to exorcism. The young man, tied with ropes on his bed and later on the floor, speaks in a raspy voice in response to prayers, professing unintelligibly while contorting.

The parents of the community urged their peers to prevent their children from entertaining themselves by playing video games, as is the case of the Free Fire. The video game is a typical battle royal, which connects players through online servers on a battlefield where they must eliminate members of the opposing team. Despite its regular premise, this video game was behind a number of controversies in recent months.

The controversy surrounding the Free Fire

A couple of months ago, he reported on Guatemala the case of a sleepwalking child who emulated playing video games while asleep. The case became popular with the viralization of the video that showed the strange behavior, which at the time was also attributed by some to demonic possession. It was also reported that the minor spent many hours playing Free Fire, and parents received strong criticism for the exposure they gave their son.

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Last May, media from Honduras reported that in San Pedro Sula a 16-year-old died presumably due to a strange syndrome of addiction to Free Fire. According to the same Daily Honduras, the minor began with aggression and experienced loss of appetite and pain in the eyes. His mother reported that she admitted him to a rehabilitation center but they delivered him dead 11 days later. According to his testimony, everything changed for his son when he started playing Free Fire in January.

Finally, the game was at the center of a controversy in Mexico after the disappearance of three minors, who were contacted through Free Fire to work in organized crime. The youths were recovered from the hands of the criminal group, and the Mexican authorities encouraged parents to maximize caution with their own children.


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