Possible explanation for the ‘brain fog’ of Covid: the virus can cause neurons to fuse

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The ‘tentacles’ of the SARS-Cov-2 they are elongated. The infection, as we have verified during the pandemic, is capable of affecting multiple organs and systems of our body, causing a long list of problems.

In the brain, the particular imprint of Covid is singular, as has just been demonstrated by research from the Queensland Brain Institute in Brisbane (Australia) in which the Spanish has participated Ramon Martinez-Marmol.

According to your data, Covid-19 can cause neurons to fuse, which causes it to malfunction and can lead to neurological symptoms. Although the studies have so far been carried out only in the laboratory, the researchers point out that the phenomenon could be behind some of the symptoms of the Covid is persistentLike brain fog. The details of the work are published in the magazine Science Advances.

“Our results present a neural alteration that can persist for a long time in our brains,” Martínez-Mármol points out by email. “We rule out that this is responsible for all the symptoms observed in patients with persistent Covid, but it may be a mechanism involved in some of them.”

The ability of SARS-Cov-2 to cause some cells to fuse was known. For example, its effects on lung cells have been studied and several studies have pointed to fusion as one of the causes of the respiratory symptoms, sometimes very severe, caused by the infection. However, until now its ability to cause a fusion between neurons had not been demonstrated.

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