Possible indications of exclusivity in Epic Games Store


of Norman Wittkopf
In the rivalry between the young Epic Games Store and the Platzhirsch Steam record, for a while, the ghosts and some well-known game titles have migrated from Valve's old gaming platform. This could also happen with Borderlands 3, if you take the statements of the head of development studio Gearbox for the occasion.

Last December, Gearbox boss Randy Pitchfork announced on Twitter He also supported the Epic Games Store by saying: "I was asked a lot today to add color to it. Our epic friends are extraordinary people who take care of the health of our industry and the value of the industry. little creators, your guide at this point is welcome and due ".

Already at that time, this could have been interpreted as a clear indication of the release of Borderlands 3 on the new gaming platform, with the official presentation of the game that should be delayed in PAX East 2019, although hopes are already slightly higher they were tarnished Now, a Twitter user recently reiterated Pitchford's December statement, expressing his concern that it could be "a code for an exclusive deal" on future content or game titles.

Unjustified, the CEO of Gearbox had a very clear answer, which once again clarified his positive attitude towards Epic Games: "What is wrong with this? A PC is a PC – who cares what store are you referring to your games? I'm just curious to understand the mentality, I'm a customer on many different PC platforms ". As confirmation in the case of Borderlines 3, this cannot be evaluated, of course, but a clear direction from Gearbox may already be clear here.

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