World Potential tropical depression could become a category 3 hurricane...

Potential tropical depression could become a category 3 hurricane in the next 5 days

Santo Domingo, RD.

He National Hurricane Center (CNH), predicted that showers and thunderstorms associated with a tropical wave located a few hundred miles south-southwest of the Cape Verde Islands continue to show signs of a tropical storm organization.

“The wind data indicate that the circulation remains elongated. Environmental conditions seem conducive enough to support further development of this system, and “a tropical depression could form over the next few days as it moves generally westward at 15 mph across the tropical Atlantic,” they said.

Similarly, they indicate that there is a 60 percent chance that it can become a cyclone in the next 5 days.

According to the meteorologist, Francisco Holguin, of the National Meteorological Office (Onamet) tropical depression, if it becomes a hurricane could reach the category 3, with a strong threat to the Caribbean by the route it presents.

“The zone of unrest continues to strengthen. Already with 60% tomorrow, it can be a depression. Potential for it to be the first major hurricane, that is, category 3 of the 5 that are predicted. Concern: threatens the Caribbean. The route is very energetic, “she wrote on her account. Twitter.

For this Monday, Onamet indicated that rainfall will be scarce in most of the provinces due to the permanence of the anticyclone at various levels of the troposphere and Saharan dust values, favoring good weather conditions over the Dominican territory.



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