Power outages in Kyiv could continue until spring

“We are trying to restore everything as soon as possible, switch to precise schedules so that there are no surprises, and then switch to uninterrupted electricity supply. However, we must be prepared that outages may continue until spring,” the mayor of Kyiv said in an interview with the news agency ‘RBK- Ukraine”.

As Klitschko said, specialists are working to restore the electricity supply, some of the necessary equipment has been ordered in Western countries, but “it must be manufactured, brought to Ukraine and connected”.

“This is also related to the low air temperature, many people have heating equipment – some have warm floors, some have ultraviolet heating equipment. People always consume more electricity in cold weather. Therefore, the energy system is overloaded,” he said.

Recently, Russia has been increasingly shelling Ukraine’s energy infrastructure facilities, causing widespread electricity and heat supply disruptions.

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