Powerful explosion in Germany: – Extreme danger

This morning, a large explosion hit a chemical plant in Leverkusen, which is located 20 kilometers south of Cologne in Germany.

The police can not say anything about the cause. According to the German newspaper picture 31 people were injured, four of them seriously. according to world one person has died and four are missing. All are employees at the facility.

LEVERKUSEN: Thick black smoke rose from an area about 20 kilometers north of Cologne. No injuries have been reported, but five are missing. The police can not say anything about the cause.
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– Extreme threat

German authorities have issued warnings to the public. The accident is described as an “extreme danger”.

Both rescue vehicles and cars have arrived at the scene, to map any pollution. I 13-tida reports the police that the measurements do not show remarkably high values, but people are asked to keep doors and windows closed.


According to Bild, a huge cloud of poison hovers over Leverkusen and moves northeast.

The chemical plant must be a recycling plant.

The on-site motorway was closed for a long time, but is open to traffic again at 2 p.m.

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