Health Powers hoard equipment and medicines, alert AMLO

Powers hoard equipment and medicines, alert AMLO

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced that during the virtual summit with G20 leaders, he requested UN intervention to stop the hoarding of medicines and medical equipment, and avoid speculation in the purchase of supplies by the powers.

“First, that the UN intervenes so that all peoples and countries are guaranteed equal access to medicines and equipment that, due to the emergency, are being monopolized by those with the most economic possibility.”

In his morning conference, the president reported that he required the United Nations “to intervene so that there is no speculation in the purchase of medicines, equipment and fans.

“That the great powers, the hegemonies make a commitment to truce at this time, avoid unilateral tariff policies, not trade monopolies, review the management of oil prices that is greatly affecting the world economy, help stabilize financial markets and stop speculation, “he said.

López Obrador asked employers for responsibility and reproached that some dismiss their workers or do not guarantee their salary, while gas stations have not adjusted the price of fuel downwards.

Ensuring that the crisis generated by the covid-19 is already leaving lessons on a global scale, López Obrador called on the members of the G20 to make decisions with the support of doctors and scientists so as not to make mistakes, since “politicians are not todologists” .

In his speech during the extraordinary virtual summit of the G20, López Obrador expressed that the crisis is not solved only with hospitals, but with the support of the population.

“The main thing in the face of this type of adversity is to rely on specialists, in this case we have relied on doctors and scientists; Politicians are not todologists, we need the advice of specialists so as not to make mistakes, “he stressed.

He insisted that the Mexican family is the main social security institution and that the population at risk of contracting the virus is cared for as elderly, pregnant and chronically ill people.

In commercial matters and the closure of some companies, the president assured that “the majority of Mexicans are acting in solidarity, very few cases of abuse … I call on all merchants, entrepreneurs, to act responsibly, Help us. “

Therefore, the head of the Executive warned that next Monday the Federal Consumer Prosecutor’s Office (Profeco) will present a report in which they will announce the companies that are abusing the health emergency to give higher prices.

However, the Tabasco man took the opportunity to thank the companies that are giving permission for the elderly, the chronically ill and pregnant women to be absent.

Meanwhile, the Secretary of the Interior, Olga Sánchez Cordero, called on the population to take advantage of the quarantine in the face of the coronavirus pandemic to “feed your soul and spirit.”



At the National Palace, the President announced his decision “to have stricter sanitary measures at airports, entry and exit” and clarified that airspace has not been closed or flights will not be canceled, but special attention will be paid to travel between Mexico and the EU.

“Tell our countrymen that if they can, they will not travel to Mexico. If there is urgency of course and there is no restriction, they can come. “

He took the opportunity to thank the President of Argentina, Alberto Fernández, for accepting the landing of a Mexican Air Force plane that took Argentines to their country and picked up Mexicans who want to return.

In addition, he mentioned that they are doing a process with Canada so that Mexicans who have an employment contract can move to that country under the necessary sanitary controls.


The world’s leading powers grouped in the G20 agreed to create a united front against the Covid-19 pandemic and inject $ 5 trillion into the global economy, as well as providing strong and large-scale fiscal support.

“We commit ourselves to take all the necessary sanitary measures and seek to guarantee adequate financing to contain the pandemic and protect people, especially the most vulnerable,” the joint statement details.

After the virtual summit in which the G20 Heads of State participated, it was determined that the approved resources will be provided as fiscal policies, economic measures and guarantee schemes aimed at countering the social, economic and financial impacts of the pandemic caused by Covid -19.

In addition, they pledged to guarantee the cross-border flow of medical supplies, agricultural products and other services to guarantee the basic needs of the population.

“The G20’s collective action will amplify its impact, ensure coherence and expand synergies. The magnitude and focus of this response will help the recovery of the global economy and will lay a strong foundation for job protection and growth recovery, “the agreement said.

It also aims to provide aid to all countries that need assistance, as well as to coordinate the public health and financial measures that are necessary during the contingency experienced on a global scale.

In this sense, it was agreed to work in coordination with the World Health Organization (WHO), the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the World Bank, the United Nations (UN) and other international organizations.

To safeguard the global economy, the G20 nations committed to providing strong and large-scale fiscal supports, in addition to ensuring the cross-border flow of medical supplies, agricultural products and other services.

As part of the agreed actions, finance ministers and central bank governors were determined to develop a G20 action plan in response to Covid-19 and work with international organizations to quickly provide appropriate international financial assistance.



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