PP and Vox qualify as "smokescreen" y "grotesque" Yolanda Díaz’s support for speaking Catalan in Congress

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Junts per Catalunya’s proposal that Catalan can be spoken, in addition to Basque and Galician, in the Congress of Deputiesdescribed as “advance towards a more plural country” yesterday by Yolanda Díaz, has not had the same reception in the ranks of the PP and Vox who have affirmed that, on the popular, it is about “a smokescreen” and, on the other, “grotesque” for being “a concession to the separatists.”

These are the reactions that the center-right parties have articulated to the proposal that the co-official languages ​​of the State can be used in the Lower House as is already the case in the Senate. The vice-secretary of Organization of the PP, Miguel Telladoin an interview on Radio Nacional, has assured that what the acting second vice president is looking for “she prefers to talk about languages ​​and not about the internal problems of her party” which, as she has remarked, “at the first opportunity, it has already broken ” “The members of We can They have already said that either they obtain quotas of power or they will not maintain voting discipline”, he has had an impact.

The popular leader has also pointed out that the rest of the formations should not “fall into the trap” of Yolanda Díaz and Junts so that “the truly important thing is not talked about” at this time: “the governance of the next four years” by the pacts that the PSOE will have to undertake. “I don’t think it’s a real demand from the Spanish, I go out into the street and nobody asks me to. People are not worried about that, they are concerned about employment and purchasing power in families”, remarked the popular deputy secretary, that he has indicated, however, that “there would be no problem” on the part of his party in the use of these co-official languages ​​as is already the case in the Senate.

For his part, Vox’s Vice President of Political Action, Jorge Buxadéin an interview in The Hour of 1, has indicated that this support from Díaz is “grotesque” because it is presented as “one more concession to the separatists.” In fact, the leader of Vox has added that what “must be guaranteed is the use of Spanish” in places like the Parliament of Catalonia and so that Ignacio Garriga, its leader in the Catalan community, “can talk about everything without being cut off from the Table of the Chamber.”

In addition, Buxadé has insisted that there are “many things to change in the regulations of Congress” before entering the debate on co-official languages. Among them he has cited “that the president of Congress not be a transmission belt of the Government”, “change abusive practices” such as instead of presenting bills with the reports of the council of state present bills without them or “greater control over the President of the Government, ending the figure of head of the opposition” which, as he has asserted, limits the control capacity of other leaders such as Santiago Abascal. “When we have guaranteed the democratic functioning of our chambers, we will see the rest,” he stressed before concluding that his party would support “a reform of the regulations” of the Lower House if these issues were included.

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