“PPTV Channel 36” invites fans of beauty queens in the heart of the environment to watch the “Miss Earth Thailand 2021” contest on 27 September

PP TV Channel 36 Invite the beauty queen to watch the impressive moment. with the judging round of beautiful women who create valuable beauty To drive the Thai environment in the contest “Miss Earth Thailand 2021” Stage for finding beauty queens representing Thailand to travel to compete for the crown of honor on stage “Miss Earth 2021” (MISS EARTH 2021) in the Philippines

this year PP TV Prepare to bring a tape recording of the final round to be broadcast on Monday night, September 27 for the contest. Miss Earth Thailand 2021 It is another stage for the beauty pageant of Thailand that is worth following. It is also a contest organized to promote and encourage everyone to be aware of the environment. The activities in the contest also include creativity, campaigning and inviting them to conserve. and social responsibility To find a representative of Thai environmental beauty and preparing to compete on the stage Miss Earth 2021 in which the winner will receive an honorable duty in taking the position “World Environment Campaign Ambassador”

in each round of the contest The beauties have gone through various activities including personality training in walking swimsuits in the middle of the desert. Walking like a jewel in the water in the rain Competing in the quiz round including walking in the creative series Trash To Treasures under the concept “Bangkok Extravaganza” The dress that is made up will consist of fabric made of plastic fibers. This is to create waste to have sustainable value as well.

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As for any environmental beauties who will be wearing the real gold crown for the first time in 10 years, you can follow all these impressive photos. In the tape recording of the contest “Miss Earth Thailand 2021” on Monday 27 September at 10:45 PM onwards on PPTV HD Channel 36

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