Prabowo Subianto Cup Results: Fierce, Garuda Nusantara Detained by PSS Sleman 1-1: Okezone Bola

BOGOR – Garuda Nusantara had to settle for ending the match with a draw against PSS Sleman in the duel Group F Nusantara Open 2022 Prabowo Subianto Cup. The match, which was held at the Cibinong Mini Stadium, Bogor Regency, Monday (25/07/2022) ended with the score 1-1.

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The course of the match

First round

Throughout the first half, Garuda Nusantara players were able to control the game. The cohesiveness and sharpness of the young players of Usman Halik’s team has begun to be shown by the players.

They never slack off in attack and remain disciplined in the defensive area. The pressure that the Garuda Nusantara squad continues to exert has frustrated the PSS Sleman defense.

This happened after attacking midfielder Muhammad Al Iqrom was brought down by PSS Sleman player number 2, Rafid Ahnaf Santana, in the penalty box. The referee finally awarded a penalty.

Muhammad Nicko Syahputra, who acted as the penalty executioner, was able to execute well. A hard kick to the right of the goal could not be read by goalkeeper Lindu Ajie Sasongko.

After being left behind, Anang Hadi Saputra’s children tried to build a more coordinated attack. However, Rudvan Roy Gujonsen’s efforts still failed to bear fruit. The match was pretty tight in the first half.

Both teams failed to get the ball over the goal line. As a result, the position 1-0 lasted until the break.

Second round

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Back from the locker room, the game is still running fairly balanced. However, both Garuda Nusantara and PSS Sleman, both still failed to convert the golden opportunity they got into goals.

Entering the 72nd minute, PSS Sleman finally managed to break the deadlock through Bernaddo Zacky Alfreda to save PSS Sleman from defeat. Through a hard kick, goalkeeper Muhammad Regan Fadhilah failed to anticipate the direction of the ball.

There were no additional goals from either team in the remaining matches. This draw shows that the quality of young players from both teams is at a high level in the Nusantara Open 2022 Prabowo Subianto Cup.

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