Prabowo Subianto Cup Results: Hold PSIS Semarang Draw, Persib Bandung Reach Semifinals: Okezone Bola

BOGOR Persib Bandung (U-16) managed to advance to the semifinals of the Nusantara Open 2022 Prabowo Subianto Cup. This certainty was obtained after Persib held PSIS Semarang to a 1-1 draw at Nusantara Polo Club, Cibinong, Bogor Regency, Wednesday (27/7/2022).

The course of the match

First round

The match between Maung Bandung Muda and Laskar Mahesa Jenar Muda was quite tough. Although the coach of Persib Bandung, Asep, fielded second-tier players, they were able to make trouble for the PSIS Semarang players.

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Based on the results of the analysis team for the Nusantara Open 2022 Prabowo Subianto Cup, the number of shots on target was dominated by Persib Bandung. They recorded 8 shots on target, while PSIS only 1 time.

Persib also had a chance through a corner 4 times and a total of 94 passes while PSIS only had 82. In the first round, Persib Bandung players continued to press in the heart of PSIS Semarang’s defense. However, the attack did not produce results until the first half ended. And the score did not change to 0-0.

Second round

Entering the second half, Persib Bandung coach pulled three players. They were Gilang Abdillah replaced by M Akram, Izmir was replaced by Safa Andani, and Galih was replaced by M Arham.

Meanwhile, in the PSIS Semarang camp, coach Ian Andrew Gilian also attracted a number of players. Among them, Indra Pujo was replaced by M Akmal Nur. Meanwhile, Bima Alea was replaced by Andreas and Faza Daniel was replaced by Willy Afriansyah.

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Substitution of players is one of the coaches’ tactics to change the situation in the match. With the substitution, the opportunities came back.

Like the chance of Persib Captain Muhammad Zaki Ali’s volley. Although the kick bounced off the crossbar, this threat was enough to make the PSIS Semarang players depressed.

Not only kicks that can threaten PSIS Semarang’s goal, Persib Bandung players also get penalties. However, this opportunity could not be used by M Zaki Ali.

Constantly under pressure from Persib Bandung players, PSIS Semarang began to initiate attacks by using wild balls. In the 72nd minute, PSIS Semarang managed to lead the match through a hard kick from player number 17, Fadhil Nanda Saputra. The score was changed to 1-0 for PSIS Semarang’s advantage.

No need to wait long, 6 minutes later Persib Bandung managed to break into the PSIS goal with the back of Persib Bandung player number 13. M Gaoshirowi.

The score was changed to 1-1. The score does not change until the game ends. With the score draw, Persib Bandung still leads in Group E standings with 7 points.

The following is the list of PSIS Semarang players

1. (PG) Dafino Fajri Alviansyah

2. (B) Faizal Reza Putra

3. (B) Indra Pujo Ardhianto

4. (B) Revelation of Indra

5. (T) Bima Alea Prasetyono

6. (T) Leonardus Zidane Kurnia Putra

7. (T) Maghda Vikia

8. (D) Dimas Singgih Amarulloh A

9. (D) Eka Leony Ardiyansya

10. (D) Faza Daniel Primary

11. (D) Reiva Apriliamsyah (C)

Sub-player name

1. (PG) Dava Putra Febriano

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2. (B) Andreas Marvel Devara

3. (B) Leodien Hylmi Ghozali

4. (B) Muh Zayyan Maulana Fajri

5. (B) Muhammad Akmal Ardiansyach

6. (B) Muhammad Akmal Noor Hidayat

7. (T) Muhammad Hafidz Ardany

8. (T) Ruben Dava Aldiansyah

9. (T) Willy Afriansya Surya Wardhana

10. (D) Fadhil Nanda Saputra

Head Coach

Ian Andrew Gilian

The following is the list of Persib Bandung players

1. (PG) Vian Kurnia

2. (B) Citra Naswa Putra

3. (B) Alvin Dalfa

4. (B) M. Abdurrouf Azzahra

5. (B) Rionaldi Mehran

6. (T) Gilang Abdillah

7. (T) Izmir Emirullah Y

8. (D) Muhammad Nanda Gusdinar S

9. (D) Muhammad Zaki Ali

10. (D) Galih Dwi Andhika

11. (D) Athaya Zahran

Reserve Player Name

1. (PG) Fitrah Maulana M. Ridwan

2. (B) M. Akram Albar Hamdan J

3. (T) Ilham Fariz Dery Irwansyah

4. (T) Safa Andani

5. (T) Reval Muhammad Arif Ramdani

6. (D) M. Arham Darmawan

7. (D) Adia Faathir Isheryanto

8. (D) Azkiya Najwan Maulana

9. (D) Muhammad Gaoshiwori

Head coach

Asep Rahmat S

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