News Praise and reserved words for corona loosening

Praise and reserved words for corona loosening

“Helvetia awakes – how wonderful!”

“Helvetia awakes – how wonderful!” With these words, the “Neue Zürcher Zeitung” comments on the measures adopted by the Federal Council on Wednesday to relax the corona measures. A jolt went through the state government. Instead of continuing to act hesitantly, even fearfully, the Federal Council has taken new courage. Relief was evident in the faces and voices. The Federal Council must now quickly come out of crisis mode. Parliament will also be called upon to hold an extraordinary session next week. It had to be serious. There is no room for profiling as the savior of the nation.

Dangerous looseness

The commentator in the “Tages-Anzeiger” is very critical of the extensive easing. The new lightness of being had already settled in people’s minds. The Federal Council and the authorities are jointly responsible for this dangerous looseness. The Federal Council accelerated the opening under pressure from the solo dancers Cassis and Maurer. This increases the risk that a second wave will soon hit Switzerland. The government has left its chosen middle ground and is zigzagging.

Get life back

“We have our lives back!” This is the headline on the front of the “Blick”. After the standstill, the Federal Council decided to largely open it. This is a big difference from the government’s appearance two weeks ago. Back then, “Blick” had criticized the lack of trust in citizens’ personal responsibility. Now most branches of the economy were given a perspective. Only major events remained prohibited and foreign trips largely excluded.

Economy breathes freely

Despite the risks, there is a lot to be said for loosening, is the tenor of the Aargauer Zeitung. A turnaround, as has now been implemented by the Federal Council, was not foreseeable until recently. The economy could breathe. However, euphoria is out of place. The strict protection rules made big leaps impossible. Before the gradual return to normality begins on May 11, the Federal Council must regain lost trust capital. Because without the cooperation of the population, no matter how sophisticated a containment strategy would be ineffective.

Early National Day

May 11, the date for further easing after the corona crisis, is something of an early national holiday, comments the “Berner Zeitung”. Stores, pickles and markets should open again with the appropriate protection. The time of the sometimes absurd restrictions, where one shop may open what the other is forbidden, is finally over. Citizens had shown responsibility and would continue to do so. Switzerland had to learn to live with the virus.

High risk game

The commentator of “Südostschweiz” describes the surprising opening of restaurants, bars and restaurants on May 11 as a high-risk game without waiting to see what the first opening step will bring. This is apparently the political price that the government is willing to pay. In fact, the Federal Council lifted the standstill on May 11 on Wednesday. Some restrictions remained until autumn. But the worst is gone. Caution should fade away in the population. The federal experts could soon fall on the sky.

New perspective

The commentator in the «Bund» focuses on gastronomy, which could now head for a summer fairy tale earlier than expected. It remains to be seen whether the pressure from the industry has worked or whether there has been concern about driving part of the industry against the wall. The restaurateurs, who had just feared falling into the black hole, would now see a perspective again.

Many open questions

The Federal Council paid attention to health criteria when deciding to relax the measures to contain the corona virus. But now issues such as unemployment and indebtedness have come to the fore, the western Swiss daily newspapers “Tribune de Genève” and “24 Heures” write. Now the time of the politicians has come again. The bourgeois majority in the Federal Council had spoken in favor of accelerated easing. It is indeed positive that the economy and the cantons again have a certain scope for action. But many questions are still open.

Turning point of the crisis

The measures decided by the Federal Council represent a turning point in the crisis for the French newspaper Le Temps in western Switzerland. Until now, health had been a priority. Now the economic recovery is the focus. The bourgeois parties, the economy and a majority of the cantons in German-speaking Switzerland had slowed the pace. Federal Councilor Alain Berset had to bow to the right-wing majority in the Federal Council. On the positive side, the state government had not given in to pressure from unions opposed to resuming schooling.


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