‘Prang Kan Naran’ started the first horror movie ‘Ghost Story’ episode ‘Going to be born (Reborn)’

Ghost Stories is a horror movie with a 3-part short film concept, one of which is one of the three episodes Prang plays the lead role in the show “Go Pop to Born”. Prang plays Tiwa, a beautiful woman. spirit She was hired by a hotel owner to help bring the ghosts to peace so the hotel could continue. And Tiwa saw a brutal murder in this hotel room.

Prang Kananan Mentioned that the film was shown “This story plays an episode “Go, pop to be born” (Reborn) in the prologue is someone who can communicate with spirits. And the prang must come to help one soul to reach happiness And during communication, it was revealed that the story of the tortured murder. At first I was contacted to play a movie at that time, I was delighted. When I knew it was a horror movie or a ghost movie Secretly worried because he was very afraid of ghosts, but finally decided to accept Because it is another challenge for Prang’s performance And Prang still believes in the crew that all directors and actors Makes Prang’s work on this matter without any worries. “

There are two other episodes of ghost stories that are equally interesting: Haunted Car (Haunted Car) starring Pae-Arak Amornsupasiri and Ek-Thanet Varakunukroh and Episode Bai Lan (The Book). of truth) starring Mak Prin Do not miss “Ghost Story” will be released on March 11 in theaters.


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