Sport Pre-publication of Nouri book: 'Crying Appie hung on the...

Pre-publication of Nouri book: ‘Crying Appie hung on the line, stomach upset’

Abdelhak Nouri was not feeling well for that fatal match against Werder Bremen on July 8, 2017, Khalid Kasem reveals in his recently published book about the Ajax talent. The then twenty-year-old midfielder called Austria from Austria with his father Mohammed.

Nouri already suffered from an ankle injury during the training camp, but also had an upset stomach. However, prior to the trip to Austria, he was in top shape. “A few days before, he easily walked the forest run in the Amsterdamse Bos. Donny and Frenkie were completely broken after this traditional start of the season, while Abdelhak watched the scene with a laugh, ‘according to Algemeen Dagblad, which shared a pre-publication of Kasem’s book on Saturday.

Appie however felt a lot less in Austria. “In the days before the game (against Werder Bremen, ed.), Abdelhak called his father. That was not uncommon, but it was unusual for him to call him because he was unwell. He hung on the line crying, stomach upset, he hadn’t often felt so bad. “

The club doctor provided Nouri with medicines, but they did not seem to work. “Abdelhak did not let himself know and said that things were going better. He promised to see what was best for him with the doctor. Mohammed was left with an uneasy feeling. A feeling that you can only explain afterwards, ‘writes Kasem.


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