Precious gold coin found in the red kettle of Jefferson City Salvation Army – KOMU 8


CITY OF JEFFERSON – Someone in Jefferson City threw a rare gold coin into one of the Red Kettles of the Salvation Army on Monday.

Lt. Christopher White, officer of the Corps with the Salvation Army, says this is the first time that has happened in Jefferson City, at least since the mid-1970s.

"They told me that there was something really special about one of the buckets and I could not believe it when I saw it," he said.

Charles Clark was the volunteer who received the donation to the Sam & # 39; s Club. He played the bells with the Salvation Army for five years.

"I was a little shocked because I've never had anyone do this, I've never made anyone throw that kind of coin into my kettle," he said.

The coin is an American gold-proof coin of the American uncirculated coin of 1998. It is currently valued at around $ 1,300.

"What I'm telling my bell players and my volunteers is that it's a real sign of approval," White said. "It's a great sign of support for the Salvation Army and for the work we do here, and also for our Christmas campaign this year."

White said it plans to sell the coin at the end of the bell season, which will run until January.

"The money from the Red Army Salvation boosters does not just go to our Christmas services like our toy shop, our Angel Tree program, but to our services that we finance all year," he said. "We have a 31-bed shelter here in the city, a food pantry, a rental assistance program, and more."

Because of the continuous cold, the kettles are currently a little below this point last year. The current fundraising is $ 96,144 or 33% of the target against the $ 99,213 in 2017.

White said they did not learn who the money donor is.

"Whoever they are, thank you very much," he said. "We are grateful for all the donations that have come during this Christmas season".

As for Clark, he said he is confident for another gold coin donation.

"It could happen again, who knows," he said. "I still plan to ring bells for the Salvation Army, the next year and the years to come."



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