Pregnant Katy Perry dresses up to celebrate Easter Adorable!

Katy Perry published a photograph in Instagram wearing an adorable rabbit costume to celebrate Easter, presuming the progress of his pregnancy and becoming the most commented topic on social networks, since the publication has already exceeded 1,495,000 likes in less than 3 hours after uploading it to his personal account.

The reason for his tender snapshot seems to have been to publicize that he made a live broadcast on his account Facebook, this as a conversation quote with his fans about American Idol, which was immediately answered by his more than 93.5 million followers on Instagram, with countless comments about the joy the singer is experiencing.

A few days ago, Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom revealed that their future baby will be a beautiful girl, so the stage of motherhood for the famous couple is flourishing day by day, this regardless of the health contingency due to Coronavirus, because Because of this, they decided to postpone their scheduled wedding in Japan and focus on having a healthy pregnancy.

Bunny Katy Perry

The interpreter of “Fireworks” commented on several of the cravings she has had during her pregnancy, because before she was never so interested in eating spicy food and this stage made her a fan of Tabasco sauce; so any news about the future mom is quickly a social media trend.

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The Orlando Bloom couple also have fans excited about the new music that will come after the birth of their daughter, as the way in which she confirmed her pregnancy was consolidated with the emotional song of “Never Worn White”, where flowers always They were a forceful theme that accompanied Katy Perry until the most adorable moment, letting her big belly look up close and marrying the actor from “Pirates of the Caribbean”.

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