“Pregnant without sex, giving birth in an hour”

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In Indonesia, a woman who claims to be pregnant without sex is a hot topic. The woman even said she gave birth only an hour after she knew she was pregnant.

Accordingly, the local police began investigating when the controversy spread.

Tribune News reported on the 16th that a woman named City Jaina, 25, who lives in Sukapura Village in Cianjur, Western Java, said, “I was miraculously pregnant without sex” after giving birth to a daughter on the afternoon of the 10th.

City continued, “I fell down to pray on the afternoon of the 10th, and there was a feeling of wind coming in in my womb.”

This woman gave birth normally in a public health center.

City, who has a two-year-old daughter alone, claimed that she had no symptoms of pregnancy until an hour before her second childbirth, and her periods were regular.

Regarding the city’s claim, the head of the local public health center said, “medically, it could correspond to a’mystery pregnancy’ and a’hidden pregnancy’. In this case, you may not feel the fact of pregnancy until just before giving birth.”

Experts believe that although rare, there may be no symptoms of pregnancy until just before childbirth due to psychological problems such as pregnancy rejection and sexual violence.

Meanwhile, the local police are planning to investigate the facts of how City got pregnant and gave birth to prevent further controversy.

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