Verena Preiner is back in her familiar environment

After a five-week break due to the corona restrictions, Verena Preiner returned to everyday training on Monday at the Olympic Center in Upper Austria on the Linzer Gugl. The program included hurdle sprints and shot put, including Wolfgang Adler, the coach of the World Cup bronze medalist in the heptathlon of Doha 2019.

It is a nice feeling to be able to train again in the familiar environment, Preiner said. “Tightening spikes for the first time and completing hurdle training on a career track was really good. And of course the quality of the training is different if the trainer is there and you don’t have to send videos around and then discuss technical details on the phone.”

Keeping clear and taking precautionary measures is one of the new requirements. Trainer Adler was on the go with a protective mask all the time. “We will focus on shot put, long jump and hurdle training this week and do a few units on the strength training machine. It is important not to do too much in the first week in order not to risk an injury unnecessarily,” said Adler .

In Upper Austria, according to a state broadcast, training for top athletes is in addition to the Olympic Center with its facilities as well as in the Linz stadium in the track and field hall and in the tennis women’s performance center in Wieningerstrasse, in the table tennis performance center in Lissfeld, at the helm -Kayak performance center in Ottensheim and in the gymnastics performance center in Hafenstrasse possible.

“This is a first step for a piece of new normality in sports too. We started with the top athletes today, from May 1st there will be a next step with the opening of outdoor sports facilities for recreational and recreational sports” , Economic and Sports Councilor Markus Achleitner is quoted in the broadcast. “We are far from being used to normal operations, but it is an important first milestone, a perspective for sport.”

In addition to Preiner, the country also listed Sofia Polcanova (table tennis), Bettina Plank (karate), Barbara Haas (tennis), Viktoria Schwarz / Ana Lehaci (canoe), Rainer Kepplinger, Julian Schöberl (both rowing), Daniel Allerstorfer, Shamil Borchashvili (both Judo), Josef Mahringer (fencing), Severin Kranzlmüller (gymnastics) or Elisabeth Reisinger (alpine skiing) among those returning to training or rehab in Upper Austria later this week.

On Monday, Lukas Weißhaidinger also returned to his usual training environment in the southern part of the city. “It is a nice feeling to be able to resume your usual training routine. I still don’t have the appropriate fine-tuning when throwing. Good throws don’t happen automatically, nor does chance play a big role,” said the third in the World Cup Discus throw.

He would make as many litters as possible in the coming days so that he could develop sensitivity again. “Of course, the training quality increases significantly when the trainer is right next to you and can give instructions,” said the Upper Austrian.


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