Premier champion of semi-heavyweight! Pest dealt with the Terminator, Oktagon TV

Viktor Pešta had a very good start to the beginning of the duel. The Czech wrestler showed that he is still working on his stance and demonstrated quality boxing. However, the end of the introductory act belonged to the German Terminator. Stephan Pütz took the reins of the fight and controlled the course of the second round. It seemed that Pest would have a problem with physical condition.

In the third five-minute period, however, the Czech fighter moved the match to the ground, where he began to get back on his horse. After Pest prepared his position, he also added a few hard elbows, which caused a market injury to the nose of a 34-year-old German.

Referee error, ended the match prematurely. David Hošek could not enjoy the victory to the fullest

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The wound was very deep, almost to the bone. In addition, she started to bleed heavily and the referees did not let Pütz go into the rest of the title duel. “I know it’s a big injury, but I’m disappointed. I don’t like that it had to end like this, let’s retaliate. Viktor won, I respect him, but he certainly didn’t want to win because he was stopped by a doctor, “said the German giant after the match.

Leo Brichta and his bombs. Damien Lapilus had no chance

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“This is the most valuable win of my career. But I definitely didn’t want to win like this, there’s always a bit of a taste after the doctor stops it, but I’m happy with the performance. I don’t feel that I don’t deserve to win, “responded immediately after the match, a 31-year-old native of Prague.

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Is the retaliation of this struggle possible? Definitely for Pütz, because he told himself about the second chance. Pest is more skeptical in this regard, because he does not see anything in the repeated match that could move him further. The chances of a duel with Carlos Vémola are also slim. Russian wrestler Mikhail Ragozin would offer himself.

Andrej Kalašnik strangled the German Jungwirth right in the first round. He wouldn’t let him

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“Waiting for Vémol is useless. In addition to wrestling in the middle weight for the last two years, he has two duels scheduled and is injured. We can talk about retaliation with Stephan. I would like to end the match myself or win it for points. I would like to face Ragozin, with whom I would like to mess with it, “Pest suggested at a post-match press conference possible retaliation.

Matěj Peňáz and his fourth KO in the first round in a row, this time Strzelczyk took it

“As Stephan said. It is the result that is offered. There are not so many fighters in sight at this level. We’ll see what it looks like with a German wrestler’s injury, how long it takes him to be back. If we all agreed, we would like to have two title fights at the biggest evening, which we are planning for the end of the year, “commented Ondřej Novotný, the main promoter of the organization Pest – Pütz.


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