Premier League|Manchester City narrowly beat Leeds United to open Arsenal with 4 points, Linbert got back the nest to lead the “car” first victory (23:58) – 20230506 – Sports – Instant News

Before the game, the new coach Allen Dyce, who expressed his confidence to lead Leeds United to fight for relegation in the last 4 rounds, lost the first strike in 19 minutes. An easy back-up shot opened the scoring first. In 27 minutes, the two “followed the cooking bowl” and scored another goal in the same way to open up two goals. Afterwards, “Blue Moon” continued to attack, but the striker Aining Xialante forgot to bring his shooting shoes, and he sighed at the goal many times. In the 84th minute, winger Phil Cotton won 12 yards, but Gendujian hit the post and failed to “score three goals in a row”. He was loaned by visiting forward Lodigo and Manchester City defender Wenluer 1 minute later. Ai Jianzhi made a mistake in making a clearance and made a successful comeback, but in the end he still retained the victory. He won ten consecutive league victories and secured the top spot with 82 points in 34 games. The road to defending the title is one step closer.

For Tottenham, which is striving for a place in the European competition, forward Harry Carney scored a goal before half-time to beat Crystal Palace. He personally scored 209 goals in the Premier League, surpassing Lonnie to occupy the second place in the total scorer list, second only to 260 goals Shulia. The team also ended its 4 rounds of invincibility. It kept a clean sheet for the first time in the past 9 games in all competitions. After the game, it scored 57 points in 35 games and temporarily rose to 6th.

As for Chelsea, midfielder Ganna Garrett opened the scoring in 9 minutes, but in the 21st minute, he was equalized by Bonnie Mouth with a long shot by defender Mafis. However, after changing sides, the “Blue Warriors” who actively competed for the victory, finally played a role in the 82nd and 86th minutes by defender Benlott Badiashuni and forward Juofelis, winning 3:1 as a guest, and Linbert returned Nest led the team to win the first victory after 7 games, ending the team’s 9-match winless streak in all competitions, and continued to rank 11th in the Premier League with 42 points in 34 games.

In addition, Bai Leighton, who is still expected to play in the European competition next season, has confirmed the pre-signing of the 21-year-old Brazilian striker Juuberto, who is currently playing for Watford in the English Championship. Year, will join in July. It is reported that the club has also reached an agreement with Liverpool’s 37-year-old midfielder James Miner, who is expected to become a “Seagull” recruit this summer.

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