Premier League | C Lang scored 21 goals in all competitions and won 8.7 million bonus, Puba was kicked and bleed by Maguni (20:31) – 20220417 – Sports – Instant News

The British “Sun” reported that C Lang’s contract when he returned to the nest in the summer stated that as long as he scored 20 goals alone this season, he could get 750,000 pounds, and then he could get 100,000 pounds for every 1 goal scored. Therefore, he has scored 21 goals. A total of £850,000 in bonuses have been awarded. The fact is that if he becomes the “Red Devil” marksman at the end of the season, he will get another 1 million pounds (about 10.2 million Hong Kong dollars) bonus. He has scored 60 hat-tricks in his career so far, 50 at club level and 10 at international level.

Even though the 37-year-old C Lang once again became the hero of Manchester United’s victory, Lanlik said: “We should not rely on C Lang, we must improve our overall strength. Our team failed to do a good shingled flank, and the defense was also disappointing. After he led the former Norwich 2-0, “the team lost its formation and lacked aggression”, and he was fortunate that goalkeeper Di Chia turned the tide and finally won. Midfielder Paul Puba, whose contract has expired at the end of the season, is not alone. He was kicked in the head by teammate Harry Maguni’s “tiger tail foot” during the game and bleeds. “I understand that the fans are frustrated and disappointed by Manchester United’s results this season, but it doesn’t make sense to target individual players. It should be a collective responsibility, so I will definitely protect my players,” Lanlick said.

Team leader Adidas was extremely disappointed after Arsenal’s 0-1 loss to Southampton as a guest to record their third straight defeat. He said: “Our team has a high level of performance and can control the situation. The ball had to be put into the net, but it was never possible.” Arsenal, who are striving for the top four to cross the line, have a lot of tough battles in the remaining seven rounds. The opponents are Chelsea, Manchester United, West Ham and Tottenham.

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