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Premier League – “Worried” or “Ready”: Players split between fear and haste to replay – Premier League 2019-2020 – Soccer

FIRST LEAGUE – While the Bundesliga resumed on Saturday, the English championship, stopped due to the coronavirus pandemic, is still unclear, although some hope to resume in early June. On the players’ side, opinions are divided between concerns and the desire to start playing again.

Players are worried“: if the Premier League hopes to advance on Monday with a view to restarting the season in June, the idea is far from unanimous among footballers, divided between fear of the coronavirus and willingness to replay. Everyone acknowledges the disastrous financial impact of dropping out of the season, but Premier League officials have pledged to consult the players when the general assembly scheduled for Monday could be decisive.

One of the most vocal footballers against the scenario of a resumption of competition has been Watford forward and captain Troy Deeney. “I’m not even talking about football yet. I’m talking about my family’s health“he wrote on Instagram.”I will not endanger my family. What are they going to do, take money from me? I have been broke in the past, I don’t mind“He continued. A position consolidated by the fact that Watford was one of the few teams to quickly accept a temporary cut in wages, the strongest in the entire Premier League (30%), according to the press. .

Premier League

When the “little ones” rule the Premier League

“People’s lives are at stake”

They talk about not playing in front of supporters before 2021. If it’s not safe enough for the supporters, why would it be for us? “, asked Deeney. The regular tests promised to players and staff will not prevent the virus from circulating, while only a vaccine, still far from being perfect, should erase this risk.

I think the general feeling is that the players are worried“said Grant Hanley, captain of Norwich, at the Sky Sports microphone.”My girlfriend is pregnant, it’s for the beginning of July, so it’s obviously a source of concern for me“Before them, two Manchester City stars, Sergio Agüero and Raheem Sterling had also expressed their fears, joined by Tottenham side, Danny Rose, currently on loan to Newcastle, in a rant against the government.

They say ‘let’s get football back’ because it will lift the spirits of the nation. I don’t give a damn about the morale of the nation, man, it’s people’s lives at stake“Rose said in a live video on Instagram.”We shouldn’t even be talking about the return of football until the numbers (of victims) have dropped“, he added.

Danny Rose von Newcastle United

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Kane is “looking forward”

In contrast to this anger, the England team captain, Harry Kane, was much more open to recovery. “I think the majority of players are looking forward to playing again as soon as possible, but we also want to make it as secure as possible“he commented on a morning TV show.”Personally, I will be happy to resume training in small groups when allowed and try to return to normalcy as soon as possible.“added the Tottenham center-forward.

I’m ready to play tomorrow if it’s safe “sanitary, also said Chelsea striker Tammy Abraham, who said he was concerned. “Going back to the field would be important to me. But my father has asthma and the last thing to do would be if I get the virus or come in contact with someone who has it“, he said.

Others, like former Manchester City midfielder Joey Barton, were quick to denounce selfish interests among the anti-takeovers. “If Troy (Deeney) doesn’t want to play, it’s his choice. But let’s not be fooled by what’s going on“, tweeted the current coach of Fleetwood (D3), alluding to the classification of the Premier League: currently 17th and first non-relegation, Watford could be the big beneficiary of a cancellation of the end of the season. “There is a lot of money to be made in the Premier League. Who wouldn’t want it as the end of their career approaches? We can only admire their opportunism“, said Barton, known for his low shots on and off the field.

Harry kane

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Premier League

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Premier League

English clubs vote unanimously to resume collective training


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