Premiere: Nibelungen Festival opens in Worms with “Overpowering”


With the premiere of the piece “Überwältigung”, the Nibelungen Festival began in Worms.

On stage in front of the Imperial Cathedral, the ensemble around actor legend Klaus Maria Brandauer (76) showed a variation of the historical material in almost three hours of playing time – in cool weather and light rain showers.

“Overpowering” tells the Nibelungen saga from the end. It begins with the finale at the court of Hunnenkönig Etzel, which, as the myth wants it, has the death and annihilation of the Burgundians. Suddenly the dead covet – and author Thomas Melle tells the story again. Suddenly the characters play against their destiny.

Under the direction of Nico Hofmann, Lilja Rupprecht is directing this time. Until July 28, the ensemble, which also includes the former “Tatort” commissioner Boris Aljinovic, will be showing the play for 16 days.

The Nibelungen belong to the favorite sayings of the Germans. A central figure is the heroic fighter Hagen, who is portrayed by Brandauer. Aljinovic plays Gernot, a Burgundian ruler.

The location of the festival is historical ground: A key scene of the legend, the quarrel of the queens, plays on the north side of the Worms Kaiserdoms – where stands the auditorium with about 1300 seats.


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