Premiere of Delphi. 200th Video in Man-go History – “It Took So Little

Wednesday, 12 p.m. 30 min. In the show “Delfi premiere”, the group “Man-go” will present their latest work “It took so little”.

Symbolic: This video is the 200th in Man-go history uploaded to the Youtube social platform.

“The events of recent years have changed the whole world and each of us. We have learned to live differently, we have adapted to the circumstances, but every spring the waves of feelings waving in our thoughts and bodies are unstoppable! There is no protective mask for emotions and sensations, no restrictions on the control posts of freedom of movement. In this video, we wanted to reflect love as a non-threatening virus, as a life-cycle driving force that we each experience. Maybe, only its form changes, the depth – the feeling of loved ones, friendly love, passionate and mature has a unique shade, ”say the girls of the group.

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