Prescription, Bonafede: 'It does not change but comes into force in a year'


"Agreement found on the reform of the prescription, but only with certain times"Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini said at the end of the Palazzo Chigi summit with Prime Minister Conte and Deputy Prime Minister Di Maio dedicated to the issue introduced by the M5S amendment in the anti-corruption bill now being examined by the Chamber. : "The statute of limitations does not change, but it will come into force in a postponed manner, as part of the epochal reform of criminal justice, next year"This was announced by the Minister of Justice, Alfonso Bonafede, at the end of the summit at Palazzo Chigi." The amendment does not change. But then we will ask for a delegated law for an organic reform of the process that leads to certain times of the processes ".

"Or get the prescription agreement or skip the government contract"the vice premier had warned Luigi di Maio, in an interview at the opening of the front page of the Fatto Fatto newspaper. "The prescription – reminds the ally Matteo Salvini – is in the contract and must be done". And to the extent it must close by voting it within the Anti-Corruption Bill in the Chamber as soon as possible, because "we can not tell the families of the victims of the massacres that it will slip all over the next year".

Against the "unfortunate initiatives" of the current ruling majority on criminal justice, starting with the reform of the statute of limitations, the Union of Criminal Chambers proclaimed a four-day strike, from Tuesday 20 to Friday 23 November. The announcement is contained in a note in which we speak of "authoritarian counter-reform of criminal justice".

"We have always said that the amendment of the statute of limitations must be done together with a broader and more comprehensive reform of the criminal trial, and we have repeated it several times these days." Now the Government appears to be operating in the path we have always supported, that of not leaving the prescription modification isolated which, in itself, would not be useful at all. At this point, however, we wait to see what the reform projects will be. "This is how the president of the National Magistrates Association Francesco Minisci.

Chaos in the session of the Constitutional Affairs and Justice Commissions of the Chamber calls to examine the enlargement to the limitation period of the anti-corruption bill. While the debate was underway, a member of the opposition inserted into the audio circuit the direct fb of Minister Bonafede who was announcing the terms of the agreement on the statute of limitations. After several minutes of confusion the opposition but also Catello Vitiello del Maie have asked to suspend the work and to come to the Bonafede Commission. The Constitutional Affairs and Justice Commissions of the Chamber then approved the extension of the prescription of the perimeter of the anti-corruption bill. Favorable M5s and Lega, the other groups did not vote in protest. Immediately after the vote, however, the fight was touched. The intervention of a large number of clerks avoided the physical contact between some members of the oppositions and those of the majority. The oppositions contest that the vote was taken.


The oppositions contest that the voting of the Commissions is valid Constitutional Affairs and Justice with which the enlargement to the prescription of the perimeter of the anti-corruption bill was approved. "The vote was not called – said Gennaro Migliore of the Democratic Party – nor clarified the object of the resolution". Analogous to Forza Italia's observations with Enrico Costa and Francesco Paolo Sisto, by Fdi with Gianni Donzelli, Ciro Maschio and Carolina Varchi.

The deputies of Forza Italia occupied the government benches in the Chamber of the Chamber. The session is suspended. The deputies of Fi scream "Shame, shame!" Before the occupation of the banks of the government Giusi Bartolozzi di Fi said that "the vote in the committee on anti-corruption is nothing: the secretaries of the commissions were prevented from counting the votes. " At that point, with his colleagues reached the desks of the government. At the opening of the session there was a very harsh controversy over what happened in the committee and the vote contested by the secretaries of the two committees of merit, Marco Di Maio del Pd and Giusi Bartolozzi. The president of the justice commission Giulia Sarti intervened unleashing the ire of the opposition.



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