Present in Sragen, Central Java Police Chief said that starting tomorrow morning all vehicles are prohibited from entering Central Java. Except for Basic Food Vehicles, Passenger Vehicles Must Fulfill These 3 Letters!

Central Java Police Chief checking the Pungkruk Sragen toll exit ahead of the toll exit closing, Thursday (15/7/2021). Photo/Wardoyo

SRAGEN, JOGLOSEMARNEWS.COM – Central Java Police Chief Inspector General, Ahmad Luthfi made a sudden working visit to Sragen Regency, Thursday (15/7/21).

The Regional Police Chief confirmed the readiness to close all toll exit lanes in Central Java starting from Friday, July 16 to July 22, 2021. The Kapolda ensured that all vehicles would be prohibited from stopping at 27 Central Java toll exits except for transporting basic necessities.

For passenger vehicles, they must undergo an inspection whether they have been vaccinated and have a Worker Registration Certificate (STRP) from their office.

Central Java Police Chief Inspector General Ahmad Luthfi, said the visit to Sragen was intended to ensure readiness. He sees the need for thorough traffic engineering.

Vehicles that are allowed to pass are only vehicles that carry essential needs, such as basic necessities.

However, for vehicles that transport people, it is mandatory to check whether they already have a vaccine certificate, or a 24-hour antigen swab and have a work certificate.

“If the driver and passenger do not have the said letter, the officer is obliged to turn the vehicle around,” explained the Regional Police Chief.

The Kapolda said that starting from July 16 to 22, 2021 tomorrow, all vehicles transporting people must be inspected. The examination includes a vaccine letter, a swab letter 1 time 24 hours and PCR 2 times 24 hours.

“If they do not have the obligation to turn back. We are all tightening up again in order to reduce mobility, except for actually working in essential and critical areas, of course with the administration of the provisions regulated by the Circular of the Minister of Home Affairs number 15 of 2021,” explained the number one person in the Central Java Police.

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The Kapolda added that only vehicles that are allowed to pass smoothly can carry essential necessities such as basic necessities.

Meanwhile, the Sragen Police Chief in submitting his report when welcoming the Regional Police Chief at the Tunjungan Toll Exit said that community mobility would be tightened from 16 July to 22 July 2021.

“Especially in Sragen Regency, the closure starts from the entire Solo – Sragen and Sragen – Karanganyar Arterial route, and especially on the 2 Sragen Toll Exit Toll Road which is closed, namely the Pungkruk Sidoharjo Toll Exit and the Tunjungan Toll Exit Connectmacan Sragen,” said the Head of the Resort Police. Wardoyo

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