Presentation of a round Pilgrim fair: Spartacus and Rufus, first "no tickets"

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The maestro Juan Antronio Ruiz “Espartaco” and Tomás Rufo achieved the first “no tickets” in Pontevedra during the massive presentation of a well-rounded Pilgrim fair. The event, held in the Casino building, had a massive response from the Pontevedra fans and their unconditional supporters clubs. Who unanimously and enthusiastically supported some unbeatably attractive posters, braided with the coherence of the Lozano family (represented by Pablo and Luis Manuel), owners of the San Roque arena:

Sunday, August 6. All from Alcurrucén for Sebastián Castella, Roca Rey and Tomás Rufo.

Sunday, August 13. Bulls from San Domecq for Morante, El Juli and José María Manzanares.

Everything was moderated by the head of the bullfighting section of EL MUNDO, Zabala de la Serna. Everything was the coming-out of the Pilgrim’s fair and the presentation of the book that the journalist himself has signed with the photographer, also from this house, José Aymá: “Nobody tells the truth anymore.” Espartaco and Rufo, who are among the protagonists of the work (Editorial El Paseíllo)-, delighted the hundreds of fans who filled the Casino room in a heads-up that La Serna led.

The Espartinas teacher recalled, among many other stories, his beginnings in Pontevedra, when he announced himself as Manuel Rodríguez when he did not meet the regulatory age to fight as a bullfighter. Many years later, he celebrated his 30th anniversary of alternative in the Plaza de San Roque, which are still valid among fans who hail him as a living memory of the 80s that he commanded. “My first win here was announced as Manuel Rodríguez,” he said, but not before recalling two key men in his career: Pablo Lozano and his father. Rufo and Zabala were two more admirers.

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